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Depictions and discussion of the saint and childbirth

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Egerton 877 (pg. 14)
Passion of Margaret

Arnolfini Marriage
Saint Margaret can be found as a carving on the top of a bedpost.

Margaret Amulet Holder Boston MFA
"Box with front and back plates opening like a book and two loops soldered to either side. Hammered, engraved, and soldered. The sides comprise four sheets soldered at the corners with two rectangular framing bands soldered to the bottom on the…

Saint Margaret casket
Ivory casket depicting the legend of Saint Margaret.

Saint Margaret ring
Finger-ring; gold; engraved; enamelled; hoop is wreathed, pearled and ridged; flowers and rays on shoulders; ridged bezel depicting St Margaret holding long cross and standing on dragon on one face, St Catherine on other.
British Isles Medieval…
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