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Patron Saint of Childbirth



"The fifteenth-century physician Anthonius Guainerius of Pava offered the following advice for dealing with a woman in labor: 'At the time of birth, it is good that the legend of blessed Margaret be read, that she have relics of the saints on her, and that you carry out briefly some familiar ceremonies in order to please your patient and the old women.' Guainerius's recomendation demonstrates St. Margaret of Antioch's role as the patroness of parturient women in the later middle ages. St. Margaret's protection for mother and child during birth might be invoked through prayers on an amulet or relics or belts for the mother to touch or wear." 

~ Dr. Wendy Larson-Harris 

Modern Day Margaret and Marina



Adaptations of the saints continue to be created in this modern age.

Saintly Literature


Literature that depicts Saint Margaret or Saint Marina.