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Illumination within Egerton 2019, a book of hours.

"Virgin and Child enthroned, with owners and their patron saints, preceding Prayer to St. John the Baptist. The man is presented to the Virgin and Child by St. John the Baptist who holds a book with Agnus Dei sitting on top of its cover; the woman in…

Text: Life of St. Margaret of Antioch (in French). Miniature. St. Margaret slays devil.
This manuscript contains a Life of St. Margaret in French, fully illustrated with a cycle of miniatures, and numerous other prayers in French.

Margaret of Antioch, nimbed, holding cross in joined hands, emerges from bloody back of dragon whose jaws grasp her mantle.

1) miniature, upper:
Margaret of Antioch, nimbed, with joined hands raised and holding cross, emerges from back of dragon, with part of her garment in its jaws. Scene in room.
2) miniature, lower:
Barabara of Nicome

Margaret of Antioch, nimbed, with joined hands holding cross, emerges from back of dragon issuing flames from its jaws toward her. Scene in building with tiled floor. Grass and hills visible through

margaret_UCSD_book of hours.jpg
Illumination of Saint Margaret with dragon on a leash.

Margaret of Antioch, as half figure, wearing fillet and beaded necklace, holds cross-staff in right hand and book with straps in left hand, behind serpent dragon, with open jaws and protruding tongue.

Saint Margaret can be found as a carving on the top of a bedpost.

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