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From the old convent of Santa Clara in Vic (Osona)
Altarpiece dedicated to Saint Anthony and Saint Margaret

Panel depicting the Virgin and child surrounded by individual depictions of various saints.

From the church of Santa Creu in Fonollosa (Bages)

margret_NationalGallery_ Master of Liesborn.jpg
Fragments from an Altarpiece of the Virgin and Saints

Margaret of Antioch, as half figure, wearing fillet and beaded necklace, holds cross-staff in right hand and book with straps in left hand, behind serpent dragon, with open jaws and protruding tongue.

Margaret of York undertakes the seven acts of mercy

Margaret of York praying with Saint Margaret and others.

full-page miniature of Margaret of York before the resurrected Christ, in colours and gold with a full border, at the beginning of the text (f. 1v). 1 illuminated initial with the arms of Margaret of York in colours and gold (f. 2). Initials in…

Wood sculpture depicting Saint Margaret of Antioch
Culture: Austrian

margaret_victoriaalbert_winged altarpiece_2.jpg
Three-winged altarpiece and shrine. In the centre a seated figure of the Virgin and Child between two Saints, life size and in full relief. When the altarpiece is open, the sculptures displayed are as follows;
Left wing: The Annunciation (above) and…
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